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The Māori Oral Health Equity Action Plan 2020-2023 was sent out to the oral health sector in October 2020. The Action Plan is the cumulation of activities held over a number of years gathering information through think tank sessions, a Māori oral health equity symposium and an expert advisory group.


We ask that you send us feedback on how the Action Plan impacts your policy or practice, and that you use the following citation when referencing the Action Plan within your mahi:  Māori Oral Health Quality Improvement Group. (2019). Māori Health Equity Action Plan 2020 – 2023, Wellington.

Makowharemahihi C, Wall J, Keay G, Britton C, McGibbon M, LeGeyt P, Maipi J, Signal V. Quality Improvement: Indigenous Influence in Oral Health Policy, Process, and Practice. Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved. Vol27, Number 1, February 2016 Supplement.pp.54-60.


Ngā Ara Tika. 2016. Integrated Practice Guidelines for Māori Oral Health Providers in the primary care setting. 

Ngā Ara Tika.  2017.  Process . Evaluation Report of Ngā Ara TIka.  

Ngā Ara Tika. 2015. Formative Evaluation Report of Ngā Ara Tika.

Māori Oral Health Provider Workforce Plan, 2016.

Māori Oral Health Provider Workforce Implementation Plan, 2018. 

Māori Oral Health Provider Profile 2015.

Māori Oral Health Provider Profile 2016. 

For more information or to get copies of a report email us via the contact link. 

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