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What can you study in Aotearoa?

Bachelor of Oral Health

Bachelor of Health Science

Bachelor of Dental Technology

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​Complete a Bachelor of Health Science (Oral Health) and register as an oral health therapist with the Dental Council of New Zealand. Graduates provide oral health assessment, diagnosis, management, treatment and preventive care for patients within the oral health therapy scope of practice.​




Scholarships may pay your costs, such as fees or accommodation, or give you a grant of money to support your study.


Here’s where to find information on scholarship programmes with Te Whatu Ora - Health New Zealand, Iwi and hapu, Auckland University and Otago University.


Kia Ora Hauora the ‘Māori Health as a Career Programme’ is a national Māori health workforce development programme that was established in 2009 to increase the overall number of Māori working in the health and disability sector. We support growth in the Māori health workforce that is more reflective of the communities the workforce serves and supports.

Kia Ora Hauora engages with Māori students, current health workers, and community members seeking a career in health. We promote health careers, both clinical and non-clinical. We are an information hub that provides knowledge, tools and resources to get you started on a health career pathway.

We teach oral health therapists, dental technicians, and dentists, dental specialists, and researchers, while also providing best-practice dental services to the community.

  • Bachelor of Oral Health


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My Journey

Kia Ora, ko Ramari toku ingoa.

"My Journey into Oral Health came by surprise. It wasn't the degree I planned on when I first went to university, but in 2014 when I started the Bachelor of Oral Health degree I found that I didn't know a lot about it, and yet its something that every single person needs and it can cause us a serious amount of pain. The aspect that most resonates with me is being able to work with people and also being hands on".  


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