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Te Rōpu Niho Ora are providers dedicated to improving oral health equity for Māori. Through their various recent projects, they are focused on providing access to preventative and restorative care to Māori communities across Aotearoa.


Māori Oral Health Provider Workforce Plan 2018-2020

The Māori Oral Health Provider Workforce Plan 2016-2020 has been developed by the Te Rōpu Niho Ora to help support the growth and sustainability of the Māori Oral Health Providers sector. As well as contributing to the overall efforts to train and recruit a high quality, culturally responsive oral health workforce.​

Tō Waha Wairoa

Tō Waha is a community-led initiative providing free dental treatments to communities with unmet oral health needs, who cannot afford or access dental care.


The initiative would continue supporting Hawke's Bay communities, with Tō Waha Wairoa 2022. Supported by local collaboration including Hawke’s Bay District Health Board, Wairoa Community Partnership Group, Kahungunu iwi leaders and dentists who volunteered their time to support this initiative. 

Te Rōpu  Niho Ora was proud to sponsor the Tō Waha Research Team which looked at the future aspirations for oral health in the Wairoa Community

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Ngā Ara Tika

Ngā Ara Tika: Integrated Practice Guidelines for Māori Oral Health Providers in the primary care setting


Ngā Ara Tika are evidence based, peer reviewed guidelines developed to support primary care and oral health practitioners to work closer together to manage patient care, and improve clinical decision making. 

Māori Oral Health Toolkit

This toolkit has been designed to support Māori Health Providers who are considering the establishment of an oral health service.


The toolkit provides relevant information to plan, develop and implement the service, additionally it will guide Providers through necessary steps to ensure they make informed decisions.

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Māori Oral Health Action Plan 2020-2023

The development of this plan has been informed by a number of sector activities and wide consultation. In December 2018, the Māori Oral Health Quality Improvement Group, in partnership with Te Ao Marama the Māori Dental Association, held an invited sector Think Tank.

The Māori Oral Health Equity Action Plan 2020-2023 was sent out to the oral health sector in October 2020. The Action Plan is the cumulation of activities held over a number of years gathering information through think tank sessions, a Māori oral health equity symposium and an expert advisory group.

We ask that you send us feedback on how the Action Plan impacts your policy or practice, and that you use the following citation when referencing the Action Plan within your mahi:  Māori Oral Health Quality Improvement Group. (2019). Māori Health Equity Action Plan 2020 – 2023, Wellington.

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