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Our providers

Māori Oral Health Providers were established because of concerns about many whanau Māori with untreated dental disease, and experiencing difficulties accessing needed dental care.  For this reason, Māori Health Providers established their own dental services to provide better access to dental care.  Māori Oral Health Providers sit under the umbrella of Māori Health Providers, which are indigenous, non-for-profit, Māori owned and governed organisations.  As indigenous providers of health we operate under Māori principles of health, providing services that are culturally authentic and responsive to Māori. 

Māori Oral Health Providers are integrated practices existing alongside their existing primary care services.  We deliver a full range of oral health care services from both fixed and mobile clinics to population groups with high health needs, and in high deprivation areas. Māori Oral Health Providers are unique because they operate a mixed government- funded and private business model, providing a range of oral health services via contracts and subsidised dental care for people on low incomes at little or no cost, while also providing dental services to the public.


Our workforce comprises dentists, dental therapists, dental assistants, oral health promoters and educators, and utilises final year Bachelor of Dentistry students through a community- based outplacement programme. Importantly, we take a life- course approach offering oral health care services to their enrolled population from infancy through 100 years, with a view of supporting good oral health for the whole whānau (family).

Location of Māori Oral Health Providers

Hawkes Bay

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